Get regular new customers through
Facebook & Social Media

9h00 - 12h30, Saturday 20 October 2018

Get in on the benefits of
Digital Marketing and Social Media?

We show you how to make it happen

The heart of any good marketing strategy is to go where your customers are, and today that means having an effective online presence.

The Internet has brought about a fundamental shift in the way people shop and Facebook is an integral part of what inlfuences the shopping habits of South Africans.

Will customers find you when they look for 'on demand' services and products?

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What others say about about Presenter

Brian's maxim is 'move forward by design and not by default'. He succeeds in getting business owners to apply their minds for new action and better results.

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Learn the Secrets of using Facebook and Social Media for Business

Learn how to setup Facebook Pages – all the technicalities
Learn how you can sell more products and services using Facebook

We use case studies and real live examples
Fast-track your effective use of Facebook for business growth
The course will give you value you can use with immediate results.

The training will demystify all the technical jargon and give you hooks to understand and point to useful tools.

  • Registration

    Starting with coffee and introductions.

  • The power of online networks

    Get ready to explore the real difference your products and services make in the world.
    Explore the power of words, stories and images.
    Explore the mediums and platforms for the new generation way of building an online brand.
    Websites, social media platforms - how not to do it.
    Going from manual to digital. Practical tips and tools.

  • How to use online platforms for business success

    Case studies and success stories from local Capetonians.
    Local South African statistics on the growing power of Facebook and social media to increase sales.
    Filling the sales funnel, generating leads, engagement, converting leads, aquiring customers for life, generating brand ambassadors.
    Understanding and optimising all the back-end features to make your Facebook an effective business tool.
    Bonus Content: How to use WhatsApp as a tool to increase leads and grow sales.

  • Closing and optional networking

    “The things that got you to where you are today,
    are not the things that will get you to the future.”
    - Peter Drucker

High-quality content, top-notch input to get you going to increase sales through digital marketing.

The internet has leveled the playing field, and small business owners can take advantage of digital marketing techniques to go toe to toe with their major competitors.

Unfortunately, too many small business owners fail to see what digital marketing can do for them, and how it can help to grow their company and make it prosperous. This training will change that forever.

Why we're different

Our future-focused events provide you with
keys to unlock new digital tools to ensure:

• Increased numbers of sales leads
• Greater customer loyalty
• A higher profile within the industry
• Higher website traffic from your target market
• Higher search engine placement
• Better data on current and prospective clients
• More effective use of your marketing budget
• More positive online PR


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